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One Of Life's Curves

Authentic Biblical community is very different than church attendance. I firmly believe that people attend church for years and never truly experience the depth and joy of what it means to be part of this type of community. I have! Leslie and I have experienced true community through numerous situations of both joy and grief – good times and bad. I trust that you have as well, because it is through these journeys that God equips us to lead others deeper in scripture and the body of Christ.

We are in another one of those situations right now with our family and the true community of Christ is alive and well. Many of you know our daughter Amanda, now 24. She and her husband, Brad, live and work in Nashville, TN having moved there last November. 96 hours ago she walked into a clinic for a nagging cough. They checked all the usual things for this time of year and saw no bronchitis or pneumonia on her x-ray and sent her on her way. Later that day (Thursday) a radiologist looked at the film and saw something suspicious that was blocking a good view of her heart. He made contact and set up a cat scan for her last Friday. The results came in Saturday that she has a tumor that they suspect is lymphoma. What?! What a whirlwind of activity and emotion over the last 48 hours!

She just met with a pulmonary Doctor this morning and will have a biopsy first thing tomorrow. I just got Leslie on the road to TN to go be with her daughter. All of this came down within the last 72 hours so it is still at the early stage - figuring out what we are really dealing with. I'll keep you updated and covet your continued prayers as we move ahead.

Life is anything but predictable! Like a baseball player stepping into the batters box, he never knows what is coming at him. Unlike batting practice, not every pitch is a fastball. The days we live are full of moments that are unexpected and yes, occasionally even bring that wicked curveball that you never came close to hitting. This is certainly one of those moments in life.

In all of this the body of Christ has been so genuine and so authentic. There have been so many meaningful touches to me personally and to my family: not to fix stuff, or patronize with empty words, but rather genuine love for Christ with words, prayer and physical presence to simply to let us know that we are not alone in the journey.

My son Christopher and I are leaving for a mission trip back to Alaska this week; please keep us in your prayer as we step out to serve. I love my family and our time together and I love the Lord who has all this worked out, but it is tough for me as a husband and dad to think of the separation between us.

We are in this together for the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Let’s build strong, authentic, biblical community that grows disciples of Jesus Christ and is attractive to a lost world.



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