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Using my neck gaiter face covering, from The Chosen, as an evangelistic opportunity.

Are you a multiplier?
When you think of the purpose for which God called you, your LifeGroup, its purpose for existence as you gather, do you immediately think of multiplication?

You are not a child of God by accident. Jesus prayed for you as a follower and has a great purpose for you.

As followers of Jesus Christ we don’t have to be first. We have to run the race that God has given us and we need to finish well.

God can't love me anymore than He already does. A clip from the message entitled; The Bondage of False Freedom.

"Your life matters to God."

A simple and yet profound truth that we all need to remember daily. This 2:32 clip is a segment of a message from Luke 1 on the Insignificant In Christmas.

Jesus chose you for a purpose. Is your life making a significant contribution for the cause of Christ?


“What’s That I Smell?"

A message from 2 Corinthians 2.

“A Strange Equation"

A message from 2 Corinthians 8.

“A Conversation With A Friend"

Do you live with a great sense of hope? 

Where do our feelings fit in our walk with Christ?

This message explores the Confidence, Context, Calling and Conversations that communicate our peace, joy and hope to others from Romans 15:13.

“Invitation To The Father"

“Where Does Your Hope Lie?"

“What A Powerful Question"

“From The Inside Out"

"The Bondage of False Freedom"

In John 8:31-37, Jesus tells us how to be free and He used a group of Jews to show us. These Jews were proud because they knew their family heritage and were living “free”, in bondage/slavery to no one.

“Pursued By God"

"In A Relationship"

Relationships – we all have them.

From the very beginning and all through God’s word, He gives us a clear picture of the health & hurt of human relationships.

I have a playlist of additional messages on my YouTube channel.

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