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The Greatest Event in History

Many are unwilling to consider the evidence for the resurrection

because such an event does not fit their view of the world.

- Josh McDowell

Have you ever been driving down the road and you pass a speed limit sign and realize that you are exceeding the speed limit? Then, just a bit further along, you pass a police officer on the side of the road with radar. At that very moment you realize; I am responsible for what I know.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single greatest event in all human history. The evidence is there, you simply need to examine it and realize that you are responsible for what you know.

What is your decision about the documented fact of Christ's empty tomb? The truth of Jesus' resurrection can't be ignored.

The Resurrection proves that Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be, the very Son of God. He had told His disciples that He would be raised from the dead, but they had not grasped the meaning of this truth.

Author Josh McDowell set out to disprove the resurrection of Jesus. After coming face to face with the claims of Christ he says, “The fact that Jesus was killed is as certain as any event recorded in ancient history. We have to reject any theory that tries to explain the resurrection by saying that Jesus somehow survived His ordeal, appeared to His disciples as a bleeding wreck, and convinced them to tell people He had risen.”

The followers of Jesus Christ found the tomb empty – yet their lives became filled with awe, wonder and purpose. Suddenly what seemed meaningless or senseless had value and understanding. When it seemed as though they lost reason for living, Jesus brought purpose with dignity and significance.

Do you find things being empty and meaningless? Jesus said in John 10:10; “A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” Jesus can bring meaning and purpose to your life. He can fill the emptiness and void that seem to linger at the end of every pursuit.

Co-author of the book, Evidence For The Resurrection, Dr. Sean McDowell put it very concisely this way; "What event transformed the disciples from defeated, cowering persons in hiding to bold evangelists? The resurrection! Why were they willing to spread the Good News despite being beaten, imprisoned, and threatened with martyrdom? The resurrection! What gives us peace and strength today to share the Good News? The resurrection!"

Let the resurrection of Jesus Christ transform your life today.

"The most logical response to the reality that Jesus Christ is alive today is to trust Him with your life and experience the personal transformation that only He can affect." - Josh McDowell

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