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Observations On My Election History

This is my 11th presidential election. I know what you are thinking; “No way Dave is that old!” Yeah, I cast my first vote in a presidential race in 1980 at Little Fort Elementary as my polling location, when Reagan was running against Carter. I have had the privilege to cast a vote in every election since.

Here are a few observations and things that I have learned over these years.

America is a great nation! The power of the U.S.A. is; “We the people…”. Americans have much more in common than we realize and have the uncanny ability to come together when things matter. We have proved that again and again during difficult times. Yet, our great godly heritage cannot be taken for granted and must be clearly taught and protected. If and when we fail to do so, we too will fail as a nation.

You win some & you lose some. As I have cast votes for my candidate of choice, some of those came out on top and others did not. We can’t all be winners – regardless of what our trophy culture tells us. We learn by losing - I know that I have. We desire to improve ourselves and be better as we move ahead.

I pray for my President, whoever it may be. Even if I did not vote for the candidate that won, He is still my President, because I am a citizen of this great United States. We are better together when we pray for our leaders.

God is Sovereign. My God is faithful and true. He has never been caught off guard or surprised by my circumstances. Things do not have to go “my way” for Him to receive glory and honor or for His purposes to be complete. He has demonstrated this to me over and over.

God has called me to be a good citizen. While my ultimate citizenship is the Kingdom of Heaven, while I am here, I dwell in an earthly shell and I am a citizen of an earthly “kingdom” as well. I hold a dual citizenship. I am called to be a good steward of both with my ultimate allegiance to Jesus Christ.

My family and friends are of greater importance than any differences we may have. While we may not always agree on things, it is of ultimate importance to love and care for those around me. This does not mean that we have to agree on every issue. We can hold different perspectives and perhaps have conversations with differing views, but we can do that with respect and civility realizing that it is healthy for us to hold our ground on areas of personal belief and conviction. Many people want to avoid these areas in an attempt to “keep the peace” – but I am afraid that in doing so, it has caused us to lose the ability to have civil and respectful discourse with others.

So, this year I have done again, what I have done for several years – I pray, I research and I vote! What a great privilege to do all of these things. In the end, I lean deeply into the love and grace of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given me hope, purpose, value and dignity that go far beyond anything of this world. I do all that I can to reflect His nature and character in all areas of my life – including my vote.

To God be the glory! God bless America.


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