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Take Hold

When it comes to this thing called life, none of us has it all together. I sure haven’t reached the goal. I am not perfect – far from it. I am certainly am not there yet. But, my confidence and assurance is in the one that has me secure. In Philippians 3, Paul has argued in the first 11 verses of the chapter that it is not our action that earns salvation, but faith in Christ alone.

In verses 12-14 he wants to emphasize this does not mean being a follower of Christ is just about a onetime statement of faith with no action. He uses the phrasing that says; I am trying my best to take hold of Christ just as Christ has taken hold of me. The word he uses is also translated apprehend and carries the idea of being taken eagerly, seize or possess.

I want to live with that same zeal and passion – to take eagerly and possess Christ the same way that He has eagerly taken hold of me. With that, I will fix my eyes on the goal and persevere to be faithful and effective for the sake of the Gospel.

How are you keeping your eyes fixed on the finish line and running well as a grateful response to the salvation you have in Christ?

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