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How Should I Pray Effectively?

So many times my prayer life has been selfish and concerned only with me. My wishes, concerns, interests, health and comforts have consumed my thoughts and therefore, my prayer life.

You may be able to understand what I am saying and perhaps have had the same experience in your own life.

So how do we break that mold and pray in a way that is more in line with God’s purpose for us?

As I have grown in my walk with Christ through the years, I have found great comfort in growing close to Christ in relationship – not religious activity. I have learned through personal experience that He is always close and always aware of what is happening in my life.

In conversation and teaching I started using phrases like;

  • “God has never been caught off guard by anything that has happened in my life.”

  • “He has never had to apologize and say; ‘Sorry Dave, I didn’t see that coming…’”

  • “He has never fallen off His throne!”

I have grown to confidently embrace the sovereignty of God. Not that life is always perfect and certainly not that my attitude and life always reflect His glory as it should, but I know “He’s got this.” I have learned to live life with an assurance and hope that can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and one that I know He desires for all of His children.

As we move into a new year I have taken some time to contemplate what's ahead. I want to be more effective for Christ in the months ahead and I want my prayer life to reflect that desire. I want to live and pray more focused on Christ and His kingdom, than simply on the things of this world.

So, I put together a series of Tweets using #prayersfor2016 that I sent out simply reflecting my heart for prayer in the New Year. Here are twelve of those that challenge us to pray kingdom prayers:

  • I pray that God's people grow in boldness & courage to share the love of Jesus with lost people. Take ground the way He intended.

  • Vance Havner said; "The Word of God is either absolute or obsolete." I pray we get back to loving & living the Word of God as we should.

  • Are your resolutions personal & selfish or God honoring & focused on kingdom building? I pray we become a kingdom focused people.

  • Let me honor You with all my life. I pray that I hold nothing back.

  • I pray that I will dig into God's Word & find ways to grow in intimacy as I walk in a deeper relationship with Christ.

  • I pray for men to step up as men of God & lead with spiritual courage in their home, Church & community for His glory.

  • I am praying that the Church grabs hold of a deeper conviction for spiritual investment, reproduction & multiplication to reach and disciple as we should.

  • I pray that I will see evidence of spiritual maturity & growth in others as I invest my life to lead them closer to Christ.

  • I pray for wisdom to lead change that is spiritually significant for Kingdom impact.

  • I pray for wisdom to live my life in a way that is honoring to God & leads others to know Him, His love, mercy & grace.

  • I pray for spiritual awakening & renewal among Christ followers. I want to see an outpouring of His power.

  • I am praying that the Church lives in such a way that those outside the faith can genuinely see something real in us.

  • God, I want my heart to break over the things that break Your heart. I want to be passionate about the same things that You are.

What do you think? How are you praying kingdom prayes? What would you add? Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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