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Thankful In All Things

It's Thanksgiving Day. It has indeed been a year full of challenge; emotionally, physically and yes, even spiritually. As I take today to simply reflect on God's goodness, faithfulness, mercy and grace, I had to simply spend the day focusing on God's bigger picture in my life.

The following are simply a series of Tweets that I put together and sent on this day. These to me are the big things - the main things - the things that go beyond all of our physical consumptions and demands that this world seems to entitle.

  • #‎thankful in all things.

  • #‎thankful that I get to walk through life with Jesus every day.

  • #‎thankful for the sovereignty of God. Always faithful - always true.

  • #‎thankful for my incredible family. I love my wife & kids!

  • #‎thankful for God's unconditional love & grace daily. John 3:16

  • #‎thankful for the freedom to worship freely w/out fear of persecution. Should that end I trust & pray that I am still faithful & thankful.

  • #‎thankful for that moment you run into Church family or other Christ followers out in the "real world" & share a great moment.

  • #‎thankful for God's demonstration of His love for you & me through Jesus Christ. Romans 5:8

  • This hand painted pic by Bradley Ray Foster has great meaning and wonderful story as a reminder of this truth. (I wrote about that and posted the picture here.)

  • #‎thankful for my beautiful wife who lives out God's love & grace to me every day.

  • #‎thankful for the encouragement of others that helps keep me going on my journey with Christ. Hebrews 3:13

  • #‎thankful for food on the table along with fun & laughter with family & friends. Hope everyone has had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!

  • #‎thankful for godly men who have invested in my life spiritually.

  • #‎thankful for the richness & depth of God's ‪#‎truth laid out in His Word. It's great to dig in & discover more of His character & nature.

  • #‎thankful for so many faithful friends that have loved, supported & prayed for me & my family thru the years. Thanks for your investment.

Let us always keep the eyes of our faith on a greater cause. A purpose to this life that goes beyond the daily routine. A purpose to which God Himself has chosen, called and equips us to live for His honor and glory alone. And let us live daily in the gratitude of His grace and mercy as we proclaim His love to a lost and dying world.

Thankful to be called to a higher purpose.


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