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I Know He's Not Against Me

Thank you for your ongoing prayer for Amanda and our family. Your encouragement and support have meant a great deal to Leslie and I in this process. Amanda had her first chemo treatment last week - and it was a very difficult week. She had a couple nights in the hospital which we believe ended up being an extreme reaction to her anti-nausea medication. This week has been much better so far.

She has a second treatment this Monday. Leslie has made numerous trips back and forth in support and encouragement. I am planning to join her to Nashville Sunday afternoon so that we can be with her for a couple days. My greatest prayer for Amanda and Brad is for their spiritual journey as God continues to build His story of hope in them. The following is an early glimpse of that journey so far. Brad posted this after an evening at the ER - I hope you are encouraged as I was.

"I know He's not against me..." The blood of my beautiful wife on paper. Lying in excruciating pain in the ER with tears parading down her face looked at me and said; "I know He's not against me." The next day she comforts me with a hug and she works a full day. As I watch her you would never guess she had cancer. Her ability to cling to Christ despite her circumstances amazes me. The attending nurse threw away a vial blood due to a saline leak. I refused to waste it and painted this.

Here is a second print that he painted with the remaining blood.

He is very creative and does some great work.

As followers of Christ we trust in His sovereignty. We trust in His character and know that He is in control of all things and cannot be unfaithful. With that in mind, we press forward to live the life that He has called us to live as we walk with Him in daily love and fellowship.

Let's honor Him with our lives knowing: "He's not against me."



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