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Joy In The Small Things

I love the fall season and all that goes with it - the cool weather, the beautiful changing of the season and its array of color, the harvest time and the gathering and storing of the crop for future nourishment! A few years ago I came across a great story of a little boy named Tommy Lindsey up in Washington state.

While playing in the autumn leaves Sunday afternoon, Mount Vernon 4-year-old Tommy Lindsey found a maple leaf almost as big as he is. When Tommy picked up the leaf, his brother Cooper Lindsey, 12, commented on the size and thought it would be cool if it were a world record. “I was thinking, ‘There’s probably no world record for a leaf,’ ” their mom Jeanne Lindsey said. “But there is.”

According to Guinness World Records, the largest maple leaf on the books was found in Richmond, B.C., in December 2010. It measured in at 20.86 inches wide and 20.55 inches long, with a 12.79 inch long stem. The leaf Tommy stumbled upon is more than two feet from stem to tip. “Grandpa says, ‘Wow this is big,’ he spans his hand across it,” Tommy’s dad David Lindsey said, remembering their family’s awe with the discovery during their fall walk. Tommy’s leaf is a little wider, but a little shorter than the record, measuring 21.19 inches wide and 14.75 inches tall with a 13.75 inch stem. The Lindsey's thought it would be neat to submit their find to Guinness, but they’re not sure if it will make the cut. They’re trying to flatten the leaf to get the most accurate measurement, and may have it framed.

It always amazes me at the joy the small things in life bring to us. We find a beautiful leaf, or enjoy the colors of the season from a picturesque vantage point. Perhaps it is a moment with family or friends…whatever it may be, the small things bring great joy.

Well, how about the great nuggets of truth that we discover in God’s word? What about those promises from our loving Heavenly Father, those declarations of truth, those displays of character, His love, mercy, instruction, etc., all laid into His word for us to dive in and discover. How often do we uncover those and simply enjoy the moment?

What about you? How are you being led to discover and feed on God’s word for yourself? Do you have someone that is challenging you and holding you accountable to dig into God’s word? Or, are you simply content to come to the table on Sunday morning and partake of your meal or leftovers from others?

There is great joy in seeing others learn to dig into the word of God. It is exciting to hear individuals’ stories as the make discoveries of His truth and character and find they are being nourished and satisfied as the Holy Spirit feeds them.

What are you going to do this week to grow deeper and learn to feed yourself? Do you have time set aside to dig and try to find those great truths that will allow you to sit back and enjoy the moment? I would love to hear from you any discoveries that you have found recently. Please message me and let me know.

Have a great week and enjoy the journey as you dig!


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